Google Analytics

Google Analytics

is a powerful set of tools that can help you identify who’s coming to your website. which devices they’re using, the pages they visit, and so much more. As a small business owner, you probably know that you need to use Google Analytics to figure out if your website is succeeding at attracting and engaging visitors. You’ve heard about Google Analytics at conferences, networking meetings, and marketing workshops for businesses like yours. So let’s discuss this 

  • how many readers you have,
  • where they are coming from.
  • what they are reading.
  • why they are leaving.
  • what is your best-performing content is.
  • who mentions your blog and sends you traffic.

Benefits of Google Analytics

  • One can analyze sources of traffic coming to his/her website.
  • Google Analytic provide specific page popularity  in the website.
  • Online Traffic flow: the traffic coming from desktop, mobile or tablet and accordingly flow can be managed effectively.
  • Review historical data: Google Analytics can display the manner the visitor traffic has changed across large periods of time. This can be very useful to see if there are any trends across certain time frames. 
  • Social Media Reports: Social Media offers a great opportunity to generate traffic to your website and therefore leads for your business. However, keeping up a strong social media campaign can be very time consuming. Thankfully, Google Analytics provides several reports that can help you track and optimize your social media marketing effort.  

Google Analytics Case Study – Fairmont Hotels 


Setting up Google Analytics for your business’s website is an very important step forward. However, it’s only half the battle. By running the reports listed above, we will provide you a valuable insight into what’s working on your website and what needs improvement. To know more about GA click on Google Analytics